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Happy Family

Family therapy aims to resolve distress among family members, while developing strategies that improve the family dynamic. It can be difficult to express what we feel to members of our family. Family therapy sessions include work with your family as a group and in smaller teams to clarify issues and how best to address them. This is a collaborative effort that may involve outside exercises to continue progress.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."- Desmond Tutu 

We will work toward mutual acceptance, improved communication, increased trust, and better strategies for disrupting damaging behavior before and as it occurs. Here are signs that counseling may benefit your family:

  • Your child or teen is behaving in an inappropriate or dangerous manner and you are unable to “get through” to him or her.

  • Communication creates the same or worse arguments.

  • Anger, fear, or stress are dominant emotions within family relationships.

  • Key relationships in the family are suffering – such as between the parents, child or adult siblings, or one family member and a close relative.

  • One family member exhibits addictive or dangerous behavior.

  • Patterns of abuse – verbal and/or physical – exist within the family.

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